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Money Tarot – The Best Tarot Cards for Money or Finance 

Money is a sensitive topic, and it’s no wonder that we often look for guidance when making financial decisions. Here is where the Money Tarot can come into play.

Aren’t we all constantly striving to resolve our money issues? A solid financial grounding allows us to focus on higher matters and move up in Maslow’s pyramid toward soul satisfaction.

Cards drawn in a money tarot can be a resourceful and powerful tool to gain insights into our financial situation and make informed choices. 

Tarot cards speak to matters of the heart and spirit and offer deep insights into money and finance. Every card’s messages, imagery, and symbolism have deep meanings that can be read in the context of money or financial matters. 

In this article, let us look at some of the best tarot cards for money or finance and how to interpret their meanings. While here we speak of money tarot for financial success, there are cards that also symbolize financial crisis. For now, let’s focus on the ones that carry the best messages for money.

1. The Empress: Abundance and Prosperity

In the Empress card, we see a nurturing and motherly woman surrounded by lush greenery, symbolizing nature, abundance, fertility, and growth.

Meaning: The Empress stands for abundance and prosperity. This card suggests self-sufficiency and a fertile period for business or financial endeavors. It’s a reminder to take care of yourself and your finances and be compassionate and fair with the people you deal with. The Empress is also about generosity and indicates sharing wealth, time, and resources with the less privileged. 

2. The Ten of Pentacles: Legacy and Long-Term Wealth

A happy and financially comfortable family, the Ten of Pentacles showcases a multi-generational scene with a sturdy home and abundant wealth.

Meaning: At number 10, this card is closing the monetary cycle with abundance. It is akin to a business becoming an empire. It represents long-term financial success and the creation of a lasting legacy with a strong foundation. It encourages you to think about your financial decisions in the present and with an eye toward the future. Investments and planning for stability are key themes here. Also, being risk-averse is suggested here. 

3. The Ace of Pentacles: New Financial Beginnings

The Ace of Pentacles features a hand emerging from the clouds, offering a golden pentacle, a symbol of material gain.

Meaning: Unlike the Ten of Pentacles above, this card signifies new beginnings in financial or money matters. It represents new wealth, income opportunities, or a fresh start in your material world. It could be the beginning of a new job, a profitable venture, a lucrative investment, or with wishful thinking, some legacy or inheritance being received. Seek out these new opportunities that will materialize into monetary gains for you in the long run. Also, eliminate self-doubt and acknowledge your capability to create prosperity.

4. The Six of Pentacles: Financial Generosity and Balance

The person in the Six of Pentacles is shown holding the scales and donating wealth to the less privileged and those in need. 

Meaning: This is a card of give and take, maintaining the balance of life. Can we follow a balanced approach to wealth? If you receive it, be open to sharing. And if you give, be open to receiving. Money is not a one-way street. 

There are no real gains from accumulation for the hoarders, but sharing and giving back will bring in more fulfillment. Be charitable and fair in your financial dealings. Generosity can create a very balanced energy in life. The other way round. If you are facing a financial challenge, there is help. Seek out help, and you shall receive. 

5. The Wheel of Fortune: Financial Cycles

The Wheel of Fortune shows the wheel of life that is constantly turning. 

Meaning: This card suggests going with the ebb and flow of life. Monetary troubles are fleeting, just as financial abundance is. The wheel of life is constantly changing, so let us move with the tide and accept the situations that come with this ever-changing wheel. So do not worry about financial troughs; they will pass, and a new phase will begin.

6. The Four of Pentacles: Financial Stability and Caution

In the Four of Pentacles, a person figure tightly clutches onto his possessions despite being financially secure. He is feeling insecure or too possessive.

Meaning: Let us not be too possessive about our wealth and money. There are no gains to be made by hoarding cash. Instead, it will help to be generous and help others in need. This card tells us to find a financial balance, neither be a miser nor an over-spender. Bring in that balance and prudence in your financial dealings.

7. The Page of Pentacles: Financial Opportunities for Learning

The Page of Pentacles is a young person with a pentacle, symbolizing a willingness to learn and explore. It is a youthful energy that is starting in his financial journey.

Meaning: Starting a new venture or career might help you be more open to learning and skill development. Let us guard against naivety and try making more mature decisions. If new financial opportunities or ventures come your way, be open and mature in making decisions.

8. The Two of Cups: Collaborative Financial Ventures

Two figures in the Two of Cups share a symbolic cup, representing a partnership or collaboration.

Meaning: This is a card of collaboration—a partnership with someone where there is mutual trust and respect. Partnerships will bring success and growth. Shared values can lead to financial success.

9. The Sun: Financial Success and Positivity

In the Sun card, a radiant sun shines over a joyful child riding a white horse. This is the ultimate card of optimism, positivity, and success.

Meaning: This is a great card to get in money tarot reading. The journey has been challenging, but you have come out enlightened. There is success and growth in money matters, and the outlook is bright and shining. This card oozes positivity and development in any financial opportunity or venture one may be seeking. It is like riding into glory after facing challenges. 

10. The Hierophant: Financial Guidance and Wisdom

The Hierophant is a wise figure, like the head of a church, often associated with spiritual and financial guidance.

Meaning: The Hierophant is a wise guy and could symbolize getting financial guidance from someone senior, more experienced, and more intelligent than you. You can best do it with a mentor right now. Also, the traditional setting of the card tells you to be conventional and not experimental. Follow traditional concepts of money and avoid risky ventures.

11. The Three of Wands: Financial Expansion and Opportunities

The Three of Wands depicts a figure looking out to the horizon, symbolizing the anticipation of future financial ventures.

Meaning: This is a card of growth and expansion. This is a positive sign if geographic development or migration has been on your mind. There are many monetary opportunities to seek beyond where you are. Be innovative and seek out newer pastures without hesitation.

12. The Judgment: Financial Reckoning and Renewal

In the Judgment card, figures rise from the grave, signifying a period of reflection and renewal.

Meaning: In financial terms, Judgment is about assessing past decisions and making necessary adjustments. It is a card of Karma. Take stock of your financial situation, and learn from past experiences. The judgment card also asks you to honor your calling. It might not be the correct life path for you if you are not doing what you are meant to do. So find out your calling and take steps to move into that journey.

Money tarot – Closing Thoughts

By understanding the meanings of the cards associated with money and finance, you can use them to identify opportunities, overcome challenges, and achieve your financial goals.

It is essential to approach these cards with an open heart and a willingness to learn. Tarot serves not as a fortune-telling tool but as a guide, offering insights that can empower you to make informed decisions on your financial journey. 

Remember, the power to shape your financial destiny lies within you, and the tarot cards are but mirrors of advice that can guide you on this important journey.